Adam Basey

Adam Basey

Director of Product Design

Adam holds both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Informatics from Indiana University Bloomington. He has also earned a certification in Organizational Change Management from PROSCI and is scrum master certified from the Scrum Alliance. Before joining Devbridge he held several positions in the tech sector, including Senior User Experience Consultant for Accenture, User Experience Designer for Orbitz, Associate Director of Design for Manifest Digital, and Practice Director of Strategy and Design for Insight/BlueMetal. These experiences have helped shape his understanding of and approach to the challenges team faces in meeting clients’ design needs. At Devbridge, he dives in and supports anything the design cohort needs his help with. He enjoys staying on top of new and interesting design frameworks and bringing them into Devbridge work. Overall, he views his role at Devbridge as helping his product teams and their designers to evolve and grow.

In addition to design, Adam is also enthusiastic about fitness. He earned his Personal Trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise and is an avid Crossfitter. Adam’s other hobbies include ballroom dance, Magic the Gathering, and watching movies. He also loves spending time with his dog, Georgie Juanita Basey.

"Be not like perforated paper and tear out easily, be like the kind that really sucks and won't come out of your binder and you can accomplish anything"

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