Adam Dyksy

Adam Dyksy

Senior Software Engineer

Adam earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Silesian University of Technology. Before joining Devbridge he worked at Kroll Ontrack where he spent several years focused on developers’ product support before migrating to the core development team of the company’s flagship product, InView. Adam also worked for EPAM Systems where he was involved in various projects for customers from around the world. Overall, he brings more than a decade of .NET experience to his role as a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge. His focus every day is to do whatever is needed to deliver great software.

Adam is a proud husband and father who enjoys spending time with his wife and young son. He is a kenjutsu instructor at the local marital arts club and also enjoys spending time in the mountains. To relax, he likes to settle in with a good fantasy or sci-fi book.

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