Adam Rusciolelli

Adam Rusciolelli


After earning his degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Dayton, Adam began his career working on aircraft braking systems, autonomous agricultural machinery, and eventually remote weather monitoring. He went on to earn an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Today, he calls upon both of his degrees and work experience to deliver great products for clients.

Adam joined Devbridge in 2015. He is passionate about finding ambitious people then giving them space do their best work. He thrives when meeting new clients and helping them solve the big challenges they face.

“Joining has allowed me to see how organizations can work efficiently and deliver value quickly, something I did not always witness in the corporate world. Building and cultivating strong teams, then seeing how they work with our clients has changed my whole perspective on what is possible, regardless of the size of an organization” said Rusciolelli. In his tenure, Adam has deployed custom software for clients such as John Deere, PwC and Grainger, delivering significant impact to their end users, both internal and external.

Outside of Devbridge, Adam holds a dozen US and EU patents. He has worked as a firefighter for nearly a decade and is an avid runner, having completed four Chicago marathons. Adam enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children, listening to music, and a good meal.

“You will always be right if you never fail to admit when you are wrong”

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