Adomas Gudaitis

Adomas Gudaitis

Junior Software Engineer

Adomas is an alumnus of Sourcery Academy for Developers and has also gained experience as a Trainee of DevOps & Cloud Engineer at Centric IT and as a Trainee of Software Engineering at CGI Lithuania. As a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge, he continues to hone his skills and work toward mastery so that he can help create products of the highest quality. A fast learner who is dedicated to his career, Adomas is always willing to work hard and take on new challenges. One example - he initially went to school for Natural Sciences, but changed to IT and has been able to build a career in the sector.

Adomas is a basketball fan and also enjoys reading and traveling. If you ever want to talk about travel or sports, Adomas will gladly chat with you. When he relaxes, he likes to watch videos on YouTube or rewatch the Sopranos.

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