Adrian Fafara

Adrian Fafara

Senior Software Engineer

Adrian is a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge Group’s Warsaw office. He comes to Devbridge after spending several years as a leader in the Polish office of a British company. As a software engineer, Adrian is always striving to create a functional work of art for clients. Though the journey to completing software isn’t always easy, the end result of creating something that makes people’s lives easier makes the work worth it for Adrian. He also enjoys working with people and sharing knowledge with his team so that he and everyone else can increase their knowledge as a specialist. Adrian enjoys the fact that he is able to learn so much new every day because the industry changes so fast.

Professionally, he is especially interested in .net Core and has also recently taken an interest in IOT. He channeled that interest into working on a custom “smart house” based on Domoticz, Raspberry PI, Arduino, ESP 8266 and many sensors.

Adrian is married and he and his wife have a daughter. His family is where he finds his motivation.

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.

Stephen King