Agnė Čiurinskaitė-Gruodienė

Agnė Čiurinskaitė-Gruodienė

Senior Test Engineer

Before joining Devbridge Agne worked as a Marketing Coordinator at Park In by Radisson Kaunas and as a Game Tester at Tutotoons. Agne is proud of herself for being able to achieve her dreams of working in a field she enjoys so much. For her, working in testing feels like she’s found her place. At Devbridge, the testing team will benefit from her work ethic, ability to learn quickly, and goal-oriented attitude.

In her free time, Agne enjoys watching documentaries. With a hyperactive brain that craves new info, she watches documentaries on pretty much every topic - history, science, psychology, sociology, and even those about debunking conspiracy theories. In conversation, she often cites what she learns and is always willing to hear from other people who start a conversation with one of her favorite phrases: “Did you know…?”

“There's no legit reason to do less than your best.”

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