Agnė Vareikaitė - Mills

Agnė Vareikaitė - Mills

External Communication Project Manager

Agne earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies and her Master’s Degree in Marketing and Integrated Communication from Vilnius University. Before joining Devbridge, she worked in the media industry for more than ten years. As a journalist and editor, she managed teams, developed engaging content - including videos and podcasts, and moderated discussions. At Devbridge, that experience in management and attracting readers/viewers serves Agne well in her role as External Communication Project Manager, where she’s focused on helping make the company’s name more visible. Eager to learn and always ready to admit when she has questions or doesn’t know something, Agne is quick to adapt and strong-willed when she faces tough challenges.

In her free time, Agne enjoys hiking and practicing yoga. She also loves to travel, especially when it provides opportunities for personal growth.

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