Agne Pelurityte

Agne Pelurityte

Test Engineer

Agne is a Test Engineer at Devbridge Group, creating, maintaining, and running both manual and automated tests to help produce software of the best possible quality. Much of her experience is in manual testing, but she wants to expand her test automation knowledge. Agne enjoys working as a Test Engineer because she enjoys the combination of doing something valuable while she gets to try to break things - a process she describes as “where creation meets destruction in a wonderful balance.”

Before embarking on her professional career, Agne had a successful academic career. She set a goal to graduate from college with honors, and did so by dedicating herself to that goal for her four years as a student.

In her free time, Agne enjoys dancing the Lindyhop, singing, and sketching. She likes watching television to relax, and has too many shows she enjoys to pick a favorite, but right now Black Mirror tops the list. Because of her enjoyment of TV shows, Netflix is one of the websites she heavily depends on.

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