Agnieszka Burkat

Agnieszka Burkat

Software Engineer

Agnieszka attended the AGH University of Science and Technology where she earned a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Medical Physics. She also holds an OCA certificate and participated in the Java Academy program to learn how software is developed. Before joining Devbridge Agnieszka worked for EPAM Systems where she worked on projects spanning sectors from health companies to meteorological services. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge she is glad to be in a position where she can discover how things work while expanding her knowledge about certain areas of tech, especially AWS. Agnieszka is committed to making sure her work is robust and user friendly. She is also glad to be at Devbridge because of the team spirit; Agnieszka believes that people are at the root of all success and of the ‘magic’ that happens in software development. However, like many people who work in software, Agnieszka often relies on Stack Overflow to help create the ‘magic.’

Agnieszka has numerous hobbies. She plays guitar and makes music videos and also loves to paint and draw. She has designed several tattoos and even used to sell her artwork.

Nie czas żałować róż, gdy płoną lasy (translation: It's no the time to mourn the roses while the forests burn).

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