Aistė Sudintaitė

Aistė Sudintaitė

Product Designer

Aiste earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Computing from the Kaunas University of Technology. Her studies focused on multimedia technologies with a specialization in multimedia engineering. While still a student she worked for Hostinger, first as a Senior Agent in customer support and then as a Product Designer, a promotion that is one of Aiste’s proudest professional achievements. Aiste also worked as a Product Designer for Launch Express and now joins Devbridge as an Associate Product Designer. Every day, with every project, Aiste’s main goal is to grow in her knowledge and skills as a designer while delivering quality. She’s a curious person and always willing to ask questions as she believes open communication is one of the keys to team success.

Aiste is a dedicated dog fan who long dreamed of having a border collie. She was able to make that dream come true recently and spends a lot of time training her dog. Aiste is also active in the dog show world and has raised litters of puppies. Her other hobbies include horse riding and photography - with animals as one of her favorite photo subjects.

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