Aistis Butvilas

Aistis Butvilas

Junior Software Engineer

Aistis is a graduate of Kaunas University of Technology Gymnasium and has also attended Sourcery Academy. As a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge he is focused on helping the company deliver the best possible products. Aistis thrives on having the opportunity to improve his knowledge and skills and takes on every challenge with the attitude that it is a chance to learn something. As he grows and learns, Aistis aims to contribute more over time to every project. Aistis also enjoys having the opportunity to work with a strong team that has good chemistry and is able to communicate well.

Aistis is a talented chess player. He began playing being only four year old and has become Lithuania’s rapid chess champion in the teenagers’ group twice in a row. He also enjoys playing other board games as well as video games.

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