Aivaras Šavinis

Aivaras Šavinis

Junior Front End Engineer

Aivaras has a background in interior design and has worked as a Sales Manager and Furniture Designer, a role he credits with helping him sharpen his client communication skills while allowing him to be creative with design. He later worked in the smart home industry as a Project Manager which helped him grow as a leader while also learning that getting the results you want takes diligence and patience. While he enjoyed these roles, becoming a Programmer is Aivaras’ proudest achievement in life. As a Junior Front End Engineer at Devbridge, Aivaras uses this experience and his creativity to help him find solutions to the challenges that face software users and businesses. He is always striving to improve his skills, to learn more, and bring the most value to other people while working and communicating in a transparent manner. Aivaras is pleased to be at Devbridge where the company values align so well with his own mindset.

In his free time, Aivaras enjoys going fast - he cycles and rides motorcycles, and also participates in e-racing. He also likes to enjoy nature by taking hikes. When he relaxes in front of the TV, his favorite show is Impact Theory. His favorite movie is Spiderman.

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