Aleksandr Gulbickij

Aleksandr Gulbickij

Front End Engineer

Aleksandr earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Technology Engineering from the Vilnius College of Technology and Design. After graduating, he went on to work in the tech industry and held positions with companies such as Open Reply UK and Logines Operacijos before joining Devbridge. At Devbridge, he will be working as a Front End Software Engineer and focusing on making CSS and JavaScript code as robust as possible. One of Aleksandr’s professional goals is to become a super efficient software developer, a goal he believes aligns well with Devbridge’s stated mission to ‘Deliver Results’.

Aleksandr is an avid reader in his free time. He uses Goodreads to track the books he has already read and to find suggestions for new ones. Aleksandr also enjoys gardening and landscaping, and he is currently working on a piece of land to create a peaceful countryside retreat. Above all else, though, Aleksandr values his family and says that they are his biggest achievement in life.

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