Aleksandra Kondratjeva

Aleksandra Kondratjeva

Junior Software Engineer

Aleksandra is studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering at Vilnius University. Aleksandra is also a graduate of art school, where she honed her creative talents in a way that serves her well in the IT industry. She is excited to be at Devbridge where she will tackle the challenges of software development, Agile methodologies, and cross-functional collaboration. As a Junior Software Engineer, her communication and leadership skills help her to succeed and to be a valuable team member. Aleksandra is also fearless about trying new things.

No matter what she is doing, Aleksandra probably has music going on Spotify or a video playing in the background on YouTube. In her free time, Aleksandra enjoys going to the gym and especially likes to participate in group workouts.

Action is the foundational key to all success.

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