Aleksandrs Behaks

Aleksandrs Behaks

Test Engineer

Before joining Devbridge as a Test Engineer, Aleksandrs worked as a QA Engineer for BondIT and as a Senior QA Engineer for Hostmaker. At Devbridge, he is part of the team making sure that the software being built is working as close to perfectly as possible. With a talent for making sense of complex problems, Aleksandrs thrives when given the opportunity to find issues and determine solutions. Like Devbridge, Aleksandrs puts emphasis on striving for mastery and always wants to be learning. This attitude and his relentless attention to detail has served him well so far in his QA career, and will certainly benefit him, Devbridge’s clients, and the company overall in his work as a Test Engineer.

In his free time, Aleksandrs enjoys browsing Reddit and reading the massive amounts of information (though he recognizes it is often poorly verified information) on any and every possible subject. Aleksandrs is an avid kitesurfer as well as an avid gamer and fantasy geek.

I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

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