Alex Kelley

Alex Kelley

Director of Business Development

Alex’s first memory of computing consists of a RadioShack Tandy 1000 IBM that ran PC-DOS from 3.5” floppies in lieu of a hard drive. Over the years, things have changed quite a bit, just like Alex’s expertise. He’s gone from word processing in WordPerfect and graphic layouts in Harvard Graphics to high-value Business Development, his new role at ServiceBridge.

Alex is more than just a business development expert, however. He’s completed an Ironman triathlon (IM Switzerland, 2001), trekked the mountains of Nepal, and travelled enough with his wife to collect currency from about 20 different countries. He enjoys movies such as Excalibur and books such as the Cryptomicon by Neal Stephenson, his favorite food is Mexican, and he knows what to do with some sugar and bitters – his signature cocktail is an Old Fashioned.

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