Alistair Dance

Alistair Dance

Product Design Manager

Like every graphic designer – Alistair always wanted to design album covers for his favourite band. Then Napster hit and that dream was squashed fairly quickly.

Fast forward 17 years and he's seen and done a lot – from designing wedding invites to 48 sheet billboard posters, individual logos to full brand identities, banner ads to design systems, it is safe to say that Alistair has broad experience, but he has always naturally gravitated towards the digital space. Alistair had his own little studio designing identities and websites for around 8 year and also worked as a Design Director at a large, London brand consultancy but it was working for his first startup (YunoJuno) many years ago that satisfied his desire to solve real problems for humanoids. Alistair strives for originality in his work with an emotional connection… putting a smile on the user’s face.

It’s not just at work where Alistair applies a creative touch, he draws, plays music and always on the hunt for an idea. He can normally be found outdoors burning energy or at a gig, ideally he would like to design an app that ties those two together… Mildly obsessed with handstands and a budding (average) DIY addict Alistair is yet to loose a finger but there is still hope for him yet.

KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

US Navy in the 1960’s

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