Andrii Sokorenko

Andrii Sokorenko

DevOps Engineer

Andrii holds both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. While studying for his Master’s Degree, Andrii attended the Erasmus program and lived in the Czech Republic for a semester. He began his career as a First Line Support Analyst and was soon promoted to a System Admin role. He then moved to a new company where he worked as an IT Analyst, then as a Cloud Integration Engineer. Now, at Devbridge, he is a DevOps Engineer. From the very beginning of his interview process with the company, Andrii has been inspired by the positive attitude that permeates Devbridge’s culture. He is always hungry for new knowledge and is glad to be surrounded by many people who share that same drive.

In his free time, Andrii likes to keep up with his friends on social media and hone his chess skills by watching YouTube videos. He also enjoys assembly projects, such as model plans and ships or Lego Technic kits. When he relaxes in front of the TV, Andrii likes to watch episodes of Black Mirror and Breaking Bad.

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