Andrius Brūzga

Andrius Brūzga

Software Engineer

Andrius earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from the Kaunas University of Technology Before joining Devbridge he worked as a Java-based Full-Stack Developer at Sekasoft and Juvare. He values being a part of a team and being able to learn from those more experienced and with different areas of expertise than him. Andrius is committed to keeping a friendly, positive atmosphere in the office to foster such teamwork. While being friendly is important to Andrius, it’s also important to him to work hard and achieve quality results. As part of doing so, he tries to continuously learn and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Andrius’ hobbies are primarily athletic. He loves to cycle, kayak, swim, go to the gym to get a good workout in. He has also recently discovered that he enjoys hiking and has completed a 170 km hike around Mont Blanc in the Alps. When he wants a slower-paced activity, Andrius frequently turns to board games.

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