Andrius Čiužas

Andrius Čiužas

Senior Test Engineer

Andrius earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering and went on to work as an Electronic Devices Assembler at Emus UAB, eventually becoming a Support Engineer. That role sparked his interest in programming and debugging as he learned more about how products worked in the real world. After leaving Emus UAB, Andrius worked for Midpoint-Security, first as a Support Engineer and then as a QA Engineer. As a Test Engineer at Devbridge, he uses this experience combined with his natural curiosity to help identify bugs and ensure the creation of quality software. No matter how tough a problem or challenge something seems to be, Andrius is ready to tackle it. He knows it’s important to seek different perspectives for problem-solving as well, so he turns to Reddit and Stack Overflow for input and ideas as he works to overcome challenges.

Andrius is a big basketball fan but enjoys sports in general. He enjoys traveling, especially when he can incorporate fishing or snowboarding into a trip. When he relaxes, he likes to watch sitcoms, especially Friends, The Office, and How I Met Your Mother.

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