Andrius Maštavičius

Andrius Maštavičius

Engineering Team Manager

Andrius earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from Kaunas University of Technology. For over a decade, Andrius has worked for leading automated solution suppliers in the intralogistics field. During that time he has held various engineer and consultant positions, and was also Team Manager. At Devbridge, Andrius serves as the Engineering Team Manager. Customer- and results-oriented, Andrius is always ready to dive in and get involved in solving issues alongside his team. He’s also always ready to learn new things and is never afraid to adapt as needed along the way.

Andrius is the proud father of two kids. He is always amazed by them and their ability to learn and express understanding. In his free time, Andrius enjoys cycling, playing squash, and racing go-karts.

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