Andrius Palivonas

Andrius Palivonas

Junior Software Engineer

Andrius is currently studying computer science at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom. He worked as a freelance web developer and as a video editor for his university student union prior to working for Devbridge, where he looks forward to developing his technical and soft skills as much as possible. He enjoys designing custom algorithms and APIs, and would eventually like to build something opensource that would benefit the larger developer community.

It seems Andrius was destined to work in computing. When he was just a kid, he managed to open the source code of a website, then from there figured out how to create his own HTML files, before finally discovering PHP — and now here he is, starting at Devbridge! But aside from work, Andrius loves making movies and acting. His favorite film is probably Ink, by Jamin Winnanas, and if he could have any super power, it would be teleportation. Though he has a hard time naming his favorite food, he does have a special fondness for lasagna.

Friends are like potatoes — if you eat them, they die.

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