Andrius Pitrėnas

Andrius Pitrėnas

Senior Test Engineer

Andrius graduated from Vytautas Magnus University with a degree in Informatics. He then went on to work for Singleton Labs as a QA Engineer while also taking on side jobs to help extend his knowledge of manual work with automation. At Devbridge, Andrius is a Junior Test Engineer and he is committed to helping the company deliver the best possible products by helping to minimize bugs. A perfectionist and overthinker, Andrius has a natural talent for testing and quality assurance work. However, he admits that perfectionism can sometimes be a difficult trait to contend with.

Andrius likes to stay active in his free time by going to the gym and playing football. He doesn’t watch football, though. Instead, his TV viewing tends toward shows like Mr. Robot and Peaky Blinders. He also enjoys watching YouTube videos, both for entertainment and education.

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