Andrius Tamašauskas

Andrius Tamašauskas

Principal Software Engineer

Fun fact! Andrius’ first computer when he was a kid was won in the lottery, and he used it to play games. He would eventually go on to work in construction during his summers away from school, but he would round back around to his experience working with computers. Andrius is a graduate of Devbridge Sourcery Academy, and is now a Junior Web Developer in our Kaunas Office.

When he was younger, Andrius wanted to be a footballer, and it wasn’t too farfetched of an aspiration. He was, in fact, the long jump champion of his city in high school, which speaks to his athletic abilities. As a big fan of sport, he also loves cheering on his favorite national teams and athletes in his free time.

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Master Yoda

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