Arminas Katilius

Arminas Katilius

Software Engineer

Arminas was the computer consultant in his group of friends early on, regularly solving their computer problems. This would prove to be a sign, as his first real job was as a Java developer, and he’s followed that path ever since. As his next step, he joins the Devbridge Kaunas office as Web Developer.

When he isn’t developing, music is a big part of Arminas’ life. He especially loves live music, pointing to the Devilstone festival in Vilnius as the best time of the year. He loves music so much, in fact, that he believes he’d be a guitarist for a post-rock or blues band if it weren’t for web development. He’s also a fan of Quentin Tarantino (his favorite film is Pulp Fiction), collects CDs and Steam games, and naturally could not live without Spotify.

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Arminas Katilius
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