Arminas Pamakštis

Arminas Pamakštis

Software Engineer

Arminas holds a degree in Software Engineering from the Kaunas University of Technology. He is also an alumnus of Kaunas’ Gifted Talent Academy and has passed Devbridge’s Front-End Developer Sourcery Academy. Before joining Devbridge, he worked as a Full Stack Developer at Axioma Metering. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge, Arminas is focused on creating easily understandable and clean solutions to complex problems. He is always striving for mastery, working to improve his knowledge both in his focus area of development as well as in broader areas of the IT subject area. For Arminas, getting the most out of his job means being able to learn, to excel, and have fun while doing it. He’s glad Devbridge provides an open, transparent environment that motivates to take ownership, feel being significant part of the team.

In his free time Arminas enjoys cycling, taking long walks, dancing, cooking, and traveling. He also enjoys watching YouTube videos both to learn something or to just be entertained.

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