Arvydas Adomavičius

Arvydas Adomavičius

Office Infrastructure Manager

Arvydas came to Devbridge after finishing his career as a university professor, and he loves the dynamic and creative atmosphere he now finds himself in. Arvydas had a unique introduction to computing and the internet. He was a first-year PhD student when he was enlisted in the Soviet army to serve as an officer, and theoretical studies of the Fortran programming language saved him from boredom during army service. Later, email and chatting programs initiated a “golden age” of communications with his older son after he emigrated from Lithuania. Today, in his daily life Arvydas depends on Microsoft Excel for numbers and planning, Microsoft Visio for creating furniture, and Facebook to stay in touch with friends and former students.

Aside from technology, Arvydas is a proud father who adores science fiction and fantasy, especially the Witcher series and Harry Potter. He collects books from these genres, and feels like they’re his old friends. His favorite foods are shrimp, barbeque and spicy Asian food.

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