Asta Dagiene

Asta Dagiene

Test Engineer

In ninth grade, Asta wrote her first algorithm using Pascal. Now, a mother of two, she has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics and her Master’s Degree in Information Systems Engineering. While she has a talent for technology, if it weren’t for her fear of blood she would be working as a doctor or surgeon.

Asta is unabashedly a people person, saying that she is regularly creatively, spiritually, and emotionally inspired by other people. Whether its her team members, her clients, her family or friends, Asta says its people who give her ideas and strength and push her to become better even if they are not aware they are doing so. Asta is always looking to move herself forward, believing there is a reward simply in the journey.

If you desire something badly - you look for opportunities, if not - you find plenty of reasons.

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