Audrius Mečionis

Audrius Mečionis

DevOps Engineer

Audrius holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences, with a specialization in Computer Modeling and a Bachelor's Degree, also in Computer Sciences, with a specialization in Information Technology. Both degrees were obtained from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Vilnius University. Before joining Devbridge he spent much of his career as a Software Engineer at CERN. There, his responsibilities ranged from developing web based applications for monitoring and visualizing various datasets to building open-source research data analysis platform and managing highly available Kubernetes clusters. As a DevOps Engineer at Devbridge, he focuses on development processes, product deployment automation, and managing the infrastructure. A naturally curious person, he enjoys diving into complex problems, especially when it affords him the opportunity to learn new things.

Audrius is the proud father of two daughters. In his free time, he enjoys cycling and generally being in nature.

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