Augustinas Palubinskas

Augustinas Palubinskas

Test Engineer

Augustinas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Before joining Devbridge, he worked as a Business Analyst and Consultant for IngeniousIT. As a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge he is focused on providing top quality final products to clients that can help make their lives easier. He is always striving to improve himself and is never afraid to question the idea that something is right just because it’s the way things have always been done. Augustinas is patient, kind, curious and determined - all traits that serve him well as a member of the Devbridge team.

Adventures are a big part of Augustinas’ life. He once backpacked around the Baltic Sea in just one month. He loves bike riding and backpacking in nature, but also likes to relax with a good book or with a session of video game playing. Augustinas is also an avid photographer and he plays piano.

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