Aurimas Šimaitis

Aurimas Šimaitis

Software Engineer

Aurimas is a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge. Before launching his professional career, Aurimas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering. He excelled in his studies, earning a “Talent of University” scholarship and finishing school with the highest score on the Informatics final exam. He went on to work as an Android developer, eventually joining a company called OpRisk Solutions where he helped develop complex business solutions for brands like Kelvion, Wacker and Zeiss. Strongly self-motivated and always willing to learn new things, Aurimas approaches all of work with a sense of ownership and tackles everything as a serious responsibility.

Aurimas is a fan of Formula 1 for a long time, although recently he has discovered sailing and his new hobby is taking up more and more of his time. He even obtained his license for inland sailing.

Life is a compromise, your passion isn’t.

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