Austė Puzinauskė

Austė Puzinauskė

Data Analyst

Austė earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and her Masters Degree in International Business Management from Vilnius University. Before joining Devbridge she worked as a Business Analyst at SEB where she focused on global HR data quality, HR metrics, and assisting the company in adopting new tools to enhance its data literacy. Additionally, she acted as an Agile Process Excellence Consultant, contributing to a variety of projects within HR. As a Data Analyst at Devbridge, she thrives on the challenge of her work and approaches every situation with enthusiasm, dedicating herself to finding innovative solutions. Austė always looks forward to receiving feedback, using it to guide her future work and to motivate herself through knowing her work is helping others.

In her free time, Austė enjoys spending time outdoors, especially going for long walks or rollerblading.

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