Bartłomiej Żuk

Bartłomiej Żuk

Senior Software Engineer

Bartlomiej attended Warsaw Military University of Technology where he studied Informatic Management Systems. Since 2015 he has held numerous positions in the IT sector, working as a Java Developer, SOA Developer, Full Stack Developer, Senior JavaDeveloper, and Solution Architect. As a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge he enjoys working on tougher challenges and helping his team overcome stressful project phases. Calm, focused, and determined, Bartiomel is always willing to take deeper dives and tackle progressively more complex tasks. Part of his approach to tough problems is one many developers also use - Stack Overflow.

Strength sports are Bartlomiej’s main hobby. He’s been consistently training for about a decade and has competed in powerlifting meets. More recently, he’s begun practicing martial arts. In addition to all of these sports, the economy and financial markets are his primary interests.

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