Bartosz Błaszczak

Bartosz Błaszczak

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Bartosz is a hard worker and always willing to persevere, as evidenced by him being a self-taught and successful programmer. Before joining Devbridge, Bartosz worked for PwC as a .NET Developer, Accenture as a Full Stack Developer, and British Council as a Full Stack Developer. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge, Bartosz is focused on building the best software possible. He is motivated by the opportunity to do meaningful work and is especially passionate about building software that can help people on a daily basis. To do this successfully, Bartosz tries to put himself in the client’s place and see problems and solutions from all perspectives.

In his free time, Bartosz enjoys relaxing in front of a show or movie on Netflix or playing video games. Because he loves to travel, the Nintendo Switch is one piece of technology he relies on regularly. Japan is one of his favorite places to travel to and he even earned a scholarship to study in the country for a year. If you ever want to start a conversation with Bartosz, Japanese culture is your in.

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