Benas Kiburtas

Benas Kiburtas

Junior Software Engineer

Benas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Software Systems at Kaunas University of Technology and has also completed Sourcery Academy. Before joining Devbridge, Benas gained professional experience through internships, most of which focused on web development. As a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge he enjoys being able to learn every day while contributing to unique and meaningful projects. Benas is passionate about technology and he values teamwork, recognizing that collaboration is often the quickest path to overcoming challenges. Having attended three years of Junior Officer Command Training, Benas has strong leadership and teamwork skills.

In his free time, Benas enjoys playing video games and board games, as well as diving into anything in the sci-fi genre - especially if it has cyberpunk themes. Whether working or playing, Benas has Spotify going to provide a soundtrack that makes his journey fun.

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