Benas Mačiūnas

Benas Mačiūnas

Front End Engineer

Benas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from the Kaunas University of Technology. As a student, he and one of his colleagues’ were recognized for having one of the best final projects in the school. Before joining Devbridge, Benas worked as a Front End Developer for BitDegree. At Devbridge he is a Junior Front Engineer who focuses on delivering quality software solutions in the front-end field that makes users happy with the UI. Just as Devbridge, Benas is also pursuing perfection in his work. His natural curiosity, willingness to work hard, and a passion for development give him the tools he needs to stay motivated and be successful.

In his free time, Benas enjoys playing football and exploring Lithuania by car. He also enjoys watching TV, especially episodes of The Office. Benas is fascinated by the topic of space and is always willing to learn more about it and chat about with people who are as enthusiastic as he is about it.

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