Benas Radzevičius

Benas Radzevičius

Principal Software Engineer

Benas has been using computers for as long as he can remember. Now a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge Group, he has been putting his computer skill to use since he was ten years old and first began building websites. Coming from a family of programmers, PHP was like a second language for him. Benas’s expertise now extends to ASP.NET, C#, Entity Framework, JavaScript and AngularJS, VueJS frameworks.

He is fascinated by programming because of the possibilities it offers for beating even the most complex problem through finding its underlying nature and simplifying it through abstraction. In his work, Benas hopes to master how to handle complexity in big systems through Domain Driven Design, Microservices architecture, and clean, maintainable code. While in pursuit of this mastery, Benas will always be happy to work as part of a team that shares knowledge with each other.

Benas is a fitness buff who enjoys running. Completing a half-marathon is one of his proudest achievements.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

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