Benediktas Gilis

Benediktas Gilis

Test Engineer

Benediktas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Now working as a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge, he is proud to have a career in the technology sector. A believer that if you put a lot of effort in and never stop trying, anything is possible, Benediktas always works hard. At Devbridge, he is motivated by the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects that can help others.

Snowboarding is Benediktas favorite pastime, as it allows him to relax and recharge. He also enjoys watching the Dakar rally, which he believes to be the most challenging and interesting rally sport event in the world. When he’s watching the rally he will always be cheering on the Lithuanian teams.

If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.

George Orwell

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