Berta Rėja Butvilaitė

Berta Rėja Butvilaitė

Test Engineer

Berta is a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge, she joined company graduating from Sourcery Academy for Testers. Currently Berta is studying Econometrics at Vilnius University. Always open to new challenges, Berta appreciates Devbridge’s “Seek Mastery” value as it encourages overcoming challenges to improve oneself. Berta is a mathematical thinker who is able to quickly find information and recognize patterns, a valuable skill set for success in her work and for overcoming any other challenges she faces.

Berta’s aptitude for finding patterns plays a part in her hobbies, which include encounter games, puzzles and riddles, learning trivia facts, and reading Dan Brown books. When she does want to give her brain a rest, she turns to Parks and Recreation for some laughter.

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

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