Borys Prykhodchenko

Borys Prykhodchenko

Test Engineer

Borys is a big music fan who tries to attend as many rock concerts as he can. In fact, if he wasn’t working for Devbridge he’d like to be on stage playing the drums. Before Borys began working at Devbridge, he was employed by Softserve, one of the biggest companies in Ukraine. Borys has been using computers since the days when a simple chat required a very, very slow (and ear-splitting) dial-up connection.

Now, Borys uses the internet to monitor IT and security portals to stay up to date with trends. He also monitors sports websites to stay up to date with his favorite teams. When he’s not on the computer or listening to music, Borys also enjoys watching movies - he cites “The Green Mile” as his favorite.

To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.

Winston Churchill