Brandon Hollembeak

Brandon Hollembeak

Senior Product Manager

Brandon Hollembeak is Product Leader and Entrepreneur in the Chicago tech community. He started as a developer and grew up through Engineering and Product, and previous to joining Devbridge, he’s held senior product roles at, Trunk Club and Outcome Health. He has a strong technical background, and specializes in B2B and Data products, SaaS platforms and eCommerce.

He's started a track record of joining growth stage companies to help them scale their systems, data and processes effectively, as well as identifying and defining new products to bring to market. He's also managed the design and setup of the data warehouses for both Trunk Club and Outcome Health, and is very "data first" minded when it comes to understanding the current business KPIs and how to measure success with the most critical next initiatives.

On the more personal side, he loves wine, golf, boating, travel and cooking, and finding the elusive "disconnect" time whenever possible. He’s an obsessive learner, and his favorite topics so far have been cognitive neuroscience (why we biologically do the things we do), personal finance hacking, and transactionalism - a new philosophy being articulated in a new study with several of his friends and colleagues over the last several years.

This isn’t a practice life.

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