Brian Rowe

Brian Rowe

Senior Product Manager

Brian earned his BA in Economics from Tufts University and his MBA from Duke University. Before joining Devbridge, he worked on client implementations and operations in the financial technology sector, then moved to the insurance industry. Most recently, he worked as a Product Manager at Life Fitness. Now, at Devbridge, he is excited to have the opportunity to develop concise, actionable product visions and comprehensive roadmaps to drive digital innovation for clients. Brian enjoys partnering with clients to help transform their digital capabilities and watch ideas take shape, evolve, and eventually become fully realized. One of his primary goals is always to maximize value and efficiency; to help do this, Brian loves to learn new design methods, business models, engineering capabilities, and testing processes.

Whether he’s working or relaxing, Brian often has Spotify on, listens to hours of music and podcasts. Brian’s hobbies are focused on sports and games. He loves watching football and basketball and stays active himself by running, playing tennis, and riding his Peloton. He also loves to play a variety of board and card games. The most important thing overall in Brian’s life, though, is his family.

'A great leap forward often requires taking two steps back'

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