Bryan Benaim

Bryan Benaim

Associate Product Designer

Bryan earned a degree in architecture and began his career on that path. However, he began using his design talents to move into the field of product design. After he did so, Bryan had the opportunity work closely with MasterChef on the design and development of their recipe and rewards website. Now, as a team member at Devbridge, he is working on the Millennium Trust project and is excited to tackle any and every challenge that comes his way. Bryan finds motivation in having the opportunity to design products that people love using. He is incredibly happy to be at Devbridge and part of a team where everyone is constantly striving for excellence in product design.

Bryan is a social person, and he values his loyal, dependable friendships. In his free time, Bryan plays guitar and dives into YouTube videos. He turns to YouTube to laugh, procrastinate, and even to learn. His favorite topics to learn about and to discuss are philosophy, fitness, nutrition, and - when the mood strikes him - politics.

“Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One”

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