Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson

Lead Product Designer

Chris is a Design Lead for one of the teams at Devbridge Group. He has been designing for over a decade, and started out as a web designer in the days of IE6 compatibility. Before joining Devbridge Group, he worked at 2 Silicon Valley startups before joining Google in 2011 through an acquisition. At Google he worked on video calling (Hangouts) for both consumers and enterprise users for 5 years and also spent 2 years working at YouTube on “Red.”

At work, Chris has two pretty simple goals - he wants to work with great people and solve hard problems. A blunt person, Chris asks a lot of questions and likes to understand all the details of a situation.

Beyond work, Chris is dedicated to his wife and kids. The family just bought a 110-year-old home and they will be focused on the renovations and upkeep of the house for some time. Chris also enjoys traveling, and he and his entire family lived in Stockholm for a period in 2016. If you want to get a conversation started with him, just ask him about Stockholm.

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