Huahui Cheng

Huahui Cheng

Product Manager

Cristina holds a degree in Business Management. Before joining Devbridge, she worked in a number of positions for BT, as well as for a small technology consultancy business called 6point6. Cristina helped launch 6point6’s first digital product, a web application that can turn a consultancy engagement into a self-serve digital experience. At Devbridge, she is focused on helping to understand and solve the biggest digital challenges facing the clients she works with. Being able to deliver excellence for clients every day is a key part of Cristina’s motivation. Along with her education and experience, her natural skills and talents help her to succeed each day, especially her ability to listen well and to have empathy. Both skills allow her to understand different perspectives and then use that understanding to find effective solutions. Cristina also has an innate ability to adapt and to learn quickly, both things that serve her well in the technology sector. These abilities were sharpened during her youth as she grew up moving around the world, living in China, Spain, the UK, and the United States at various points.

To this day, Cristina still loves to travel. Her other hobbies include playing the piano, cooking, and staying active by playing tennis, swimming, and going for hikes.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”


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