Dainius Aksinavicius

Dainius Aksinavicius

Engineering Director of Kaunas Office

Dainius has vast leadership experience. For over 16 years he has been involved in projects in different countries around the world, leading multinational teams, and building service centers from level zero into a mature organization. His career in the information technology industry started with an IT Service desk agent position in 2001. Dainius credits this first job experience with building his understanding of the fundamentals of both user and client thinking, as well as how to deliver precisely what is on demand. Dainius also built his IT and management experience in various global enterprises, including as Kraft Foods International, EDS, HP, Barclays, and Callcredit Information Group, where he was head of the Lithuania office. He keeps up with his professional interests by following the news about IT technologies and the industry trends.

Dainius loves working with people and values being part of a great team. In fact, the favorite part of work is the human interaction aspect of it. As much as he loves his work, though, Dainius is a strong believer in proper work-life balance, and so he ensures that he builds in time to spend with his family and to play tennis.

It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

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