Dainius Armonas

Dainius Armonas

Senior Software Engineer

Dainius earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering at Kaunas University of Technology. He has previously worked as a Junior Software Engineer at Sekasoft and as a Software Engineer at Fleetmaster. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge, Dainius focuses on creating efficient, quality software. He’s able to learn fast and has the knowledge and flexibility to work with different programming languages and technologies. However, Dainius is still always aiming to improve his skills, his knowledge, and himself overall.

In his free time, Dainius likes to relax by listening to audiobooks. This way, he can appreciate a story or learn about new topics without staring at a screen or into a book. His favorite topics are fantasy, sci-fi, and self-improvement. Dainius’ other hobbies include traveling and basketball.

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