Damian Gronczewski

Damian Gronczewski

Senior Software Engineer

Damien is a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge. Before joining the company he worked as a Software Developer for PSI and as a Senior Fullstack Developer for GFT. At PSI he created and maintained software for managing electrical networks, gas pipelines, and repairing crews. At GFT he worked on multiple projects for the investment banking sector. He also earned his Master’s of Science in Information Technology from the Poznan University of Technology. As a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge, Damien is focused on continuously learning and keeping up with evolving development practices as he works to provide high-quality products. The dynamic environment at Devbridge helps him to stay motivated and to keep improving his skills and knowledge.

Damien also enjoys continuously learning in his free time. He especially likes history and science and frequently reads and watches everything he can on those topics. When he wants to watch a documentary or other educational video, Damien usually turns to YouTube.

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