Daniel Lipowicz

Daniel Lipowicz

Senior Test Engineer and Team Lead

Daniel earned his Bachelor’s Degree and his Master’s Degree from the Wroclaw University of Economics. Before joining Devbridge he worked for several companies, including Capgemini where he held several positions that increased in seniority. He left the company as a Senior Software Engineer. At Devbridge, Daniel is a Senior Test Engineer and enjoys the opportunity to work on various projects in that role. Daniel enjoys working with people, sharing knowledge and improving his own knowledge. As part of his effort to improve his own knowledge, Daniel uses IDEs from JetBrains which includes a feature that highlights areas in which he can dig deeper to learn more. Open-minded and always ready to learn, Daniel enjoys taking on challenges and finding the path to overcome them.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing computer games and board games. He also enjoys relaxing in front of TV - Friends is his favorite show - and traveling when he can. He is also learning Spanish.

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