Daniel Sokołowski

Daniel Sokołowski

Test Engineer

Daniel has an educational background in Civil Engineering but has transitioned his studies and career goals to focus on the IT sector. As a high school student he learned basic programming skills and is self-educated in other areas. He began his professional career at Transition Technologies where he started as an Apprentice but was quickly promoted to Junior Test Engineer and then to Mid Test Engineer. Daniel then went on to work for Satis GPS where he focused on a project for the military and another for public safety organizations. As a Test Engineer at Devbridge he is hoping to pivot from these kinds of large projects to smaller ones, as well as complex projects that include engineering aspects and multi-threaded logic. Stubborn and driven, Daniel is ready to tackle any challenge.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys practicing artistic and sport gymnastics. He runs a gymnastics club with his mother and sister. Daniel also participates in endurance sports and hopes to one day compete in triathlons.

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